Friday, June 16, 2017

Kitchen Remodel Update!

We have been working hard around here and are getting to the final stages of our kitchen remodel! Woo-hoo! I thought I would just share a bit about the process. Full Disclosure: We are not professionals, just your average DIYers!
I hope you enjoy watching the transformation. 

BUT FIRST: Back to the very beginning. Looking at these before photos makes me realize just what a huge project this was in hindsight! And also how very 90s. (Not the good 90s.)

The cabinets were actually solid wood and in good condition so we saw this as a good way to save some money and simply paint these white and add new hardware- something we had done before at our previous house. It wasn't a terrible kitchen, but it seemed dated and it just wasn't our style. I really didn't like all the beige and orange-ey vibes going on. 

There was also very minimal counter space and so we knew right off the bat we would add a large island to maximize the space for cooking. Oh, and there was no dishwasher! Who does that?

If you look just behind you in the original kitchen you would find this lovely tile partial wall that divided the kitchen from the living room and dining nook. 

We based our entire decision to buy this house on removing this partial wall that our contractor friend said he was 90% sure was not load bearing and would be "easy-enough" to remove ourselves. Yep, that's how we roll. Risk taking is our thing I guess. 

*Spoiler Alert* He was good on that 90%. Thanks Jeff! Whew.

This is a view from the living room on the back side of the partial tile wall separating the kitchen from the dining nook. It did seem pretty small at first, but we were confident that we could have a more open feel with taking out the wall and that the space might feel bigger that way. 

We had an open concept in our first home and we really liked having it that way so that our little family can feel closer while I am cooking and they are coloring at the table for example. 

We are committed to living simply but not sacrificing on our style. We just want it to feel like us. Hence the remodel project!

Here is the really neat wall oven to the right of the stove top in the first photo. There is also a built in fridge (into the bathroom closet) right next to it, surrounded by the same lovely tile. I really didn't mind this wall oven initially, but the bummer was that the oven door wouldn't open all the way because it would catch on the fridge door handle. Again, who does that?

 So our first order of business was to remove all of the beige 90s tile!

My husband will be so happy I included him in this blog post. ;) P.S. Check out that retro light fixture. Is that cool again yet?

This process was pretty slow as the tiles were stuck on there pretty good. 

The next step was to remove the partial wall. We had some fun and shot entirely too many slow-mo videos of Nick (Dan's brother) kicking out the drywall. I'll spare you those for now.

Once the drywall was out, the sight lines increased dramatically. We were starting to catch the vision that we had imagined! It did seem bigger, even with the studs still up. 

Next week I will update you on the design choices we made and some budget-saving things we did to make the most of the design. Thanks for reading friends! What DIY projects have you done lately?