Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wonder in the Small Things

I am writing by candlelight and watching the drizzly mist outside turning into snowflakes. Soft, small, flurries that fall slowly onto the sharp lime green blades of grass still holding onto life.

I love the way the candle moves gently and the shadows from the negative spaces of the outer candle holder shift back and forth ever so slightly.

I am grateful for this small moment, where I can truly be alone. Alone with you Lord.

Just now I catch a glimpse out the window again, in between sips of warm fragrant black tea and I am amazed to see the whole sky filled with big, fat flakes dropping quickly like heavy plops of vanilla frosting amidst a shower of slow fuzzy debris.

It's amazing how beautiful this one precious life is. How full of mystery and wonder. How a small candle and a view out my window can ground me. How You use the small, seemingly insignificant things to speak to my soul.

I see it in my children's eyes, the glassy reflection across their young fresh eyes, widening with wonder. 

They have so many questions, always craving to know more, experience more. And yet, at some point we grown-ups have lost that wild wonder. We plow through, our heads to ground, not to be bothered with such foolery. We need to be working to pay the bills, get food on the table, keep up with our schedules.

The steam is now rising up from my freshly poured tea cup and catching the light of the candle. This is my one glorious moment, when you break through to me. 

I lift my head from the plow and see the glowing steam rising to meet the shower of heavy plops of whipped cream falling behind it and I am moved. What a wonderful, sensationally quiet moment with You, Lord.

Rid me of hurry. Rid me of frenzied distraction. Rid me of fear and self-doubt. 

Help me to see the wonder reflecting across my eyes as if for the first time, over and over again. The first time. Help me to stay near to you.

May you lift your head and see the wonder all around you today.