Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Real Promise

A couple of months ago in July, there was the most perfect double rainbow out in the back field. It was the closest I've ever been to a full double rainbow, it went directly over the house.

The children were snug in their beds and the short reprieve from the storms happened just at the golden hour. That special half hour or so when the sky is perfectly golden and full of glinting fuzzies and glittering light peeking through tree branches.

Dan and I slowly pulled the slider door open in half disbelief, muscling the smudged glass pane aside from the real view, crisp and bursting with color. Can this be real? 

There are few moments in life that truly amaze me in my old age. I've become cold, distant and most of the time, over-stimulated and just plain tired. But this time...

My heart starts to race and sure enough that old familiar feeling floods into my body, a bit of adrenaline, breathing getting heavier and fighting back the inevitable smirk.

No matter how old I get, God never fails to amaze me with his creation. And for us, in that moment, his promise. The very next morning, Calvin and I had the big talk. He brought up how he wants to live forever with Jesus. He wants to ask Jesus into his heart.

Something about the way he said it, gazing out the back slider and contemplating his words, I knew it was real. He had time to think it all through.

Time to muscle back the smudged pane of glass he had been peering through. He had a real view this time. A crisp, bursting with color, view of the promise.  

A promise he wanted to hold onto and keep forever.

There is nothing that a mother who loves the Lord wants more for her children.

Lord, help me to give guidance and help me to talk about you and all the things you have done for me in our everyday conversations. Help me to tell the stories that have made me who I am in You, to our children. 

May you do the same, my sisters and brothers.