Saturday, February 14, 2015

Control Freak

Hey, I freely admit that I am no better than the next woman about having control issues.

Sometimes this masquerades itself as being a 'strong' woman. Sometimes it hides under 'knowing our own minds' or 'having opinions' being 'capable' or even 'being a good mom'.

When do you know if your need to control your own life and the lives of others around you, (i.e. children, husband, friends, family) is crossing the line?

Could it be keeping you from living the life God wants for you?

One way that we woman all too often go this direction, is from the overflow of an anxious heart.
It's a cycle that begins with a fear which morphs into a lack of trust in God.

It is manifested in our controlling tendencies.

I don't have time to wait for God. 

(I don't even know if he can pull this off.)

.....He must need my help.

I'm going to make the plan and get it done. 

We don't always think these things specifically, but aren't we truly feeling them when things are uncertain? It is not a comfortable place for us to be. To NOT KNOW what is going to happen.

Could it be that God has been trying to get through to you? He is waiting for you to NOT DO anything. To simply listen for His voice, His prompting and His timing.

Resist the urge my friends.

The good news is, he frees us from the need to have control that can so easily hurt or suffocate or stunt our spiritual growth. Take a break. A backseat. Choose to wait for God, because we do TRUST HIM to do greater work than we ever could pull off.

Make room in your own mind and heart to hear His voice again. May you act from the overflow of a grateful and trusting heart.

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