Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Girl, it is time to open up.

I know your hesitation. I can see your pain. Sweet girl, you are beautiful still.

It is so hard for you to share the burdens that you carry around your shoulders, so heavy, so obviously there. You have been badly mistreated, time and time again. You know that you are drawn to that type.

But this time, it is different. You are surprised and even confused by the way he treats you. You are sure he will not love you. Just give it time. Time for the truth and the burdens and the baggage to get unpacked, then surely he will not love you.

But this time it is different. He gently slides the backside of his hand across your brow pushing back the few hairs that have come untucked and put them back in their place. His touch is gentle this time. His heart is steady and he feels safe.

His heart belongs to the One that you know. The one true God. The One that will always be there.

And He says, "My dearest, it's time to open up. You have carried this weight for far too long. You are beautiful and precious and radiant and you will become stronger because of this. Open up to me. Open up to another. Open up to a life more abundant. Yes, YOU deserve the best."

We are all mistreated or carry pain that we cover up and try to bury deep in our hearts. God wants us to uncover it and to heal. He is our ultimate healer. It is time to open up, my dear friend. Your life is waiting and it will be wonderful. Believe it.

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