Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sage Advice From My Grandmother (On Her 85th Birthday!)

Lately I've been feeling discouraged. You know the feeling....like you just can't catch up or catch your breath. Mostly I've been worrying about all of our bills and all of the things that my children need.

I'm reminded of a recent conversation I had with my sweet Grandma Gigi. I asked her how she managed with eight children on one income and she responded by saying, "Whenever you are arguing or worried about money or whatever it may be- imagine yourself on a stage. You rise above whatever it is and you are suddenly looking down and watching it all play out. Imagine what will happen next in the story. That always seemed to help."

This has stuck with me and I have practiced removing myself and gaining a better perspective many times since. It's such a simple mental exercise, but so powerful. Thanks Grandma for your wisdom. Your example gives me courage and strength.


anita said...

She also always said, "I took it one day at a time, honey."

Katie Deitrich said...

Also a good one! She is so wise. :)