Sunday, August 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Need Girlfriends When You're a Mom

1. You can text each other when you're bored. (Think silly photos and youtube links)

2. You can trade off watching each other's kids so you can go to the grocery store ALONE. *gasp*

3. You can go out to eat at half the cost with a girlfriend. (As opposed to going out with your husband) Plus, no sitter costs because the kids can play with Daddy at home. (You know build forts and fires and stuff.)

4. You can go hang at a girlfriend's house instead of Target when you just "need" to get out of the house. This saves you money and sanity.

5. You can travel somewhere special like Paris or London. For only the cost of one person instead of two. Think of the possibilities here people!

6. You can vent. And then go home to your family feeling much lighter.

7. Your friends make you dinner. When you have a new baby, or they bring soup when someone is sick.

8. You can trade clothes! Think about that wedding next month, there's bound to be a little black dress just collecting dust in someone's closet. You can feel pretty and fresh for a night at no cost to you!

9. You can color each other's hair on the cheap. And other beauty regiments, waxing maybe?

10. You can trade DVDs. Downton Abbey Season 1-4 anyone?

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