Friday, January 10, 2014

Dining Room Remodel; Whitewashing the Fireplace

We bought a new home! A super-seventies ranch! Woo-hoo! This is the first post of several, with before and after pics of some of the remodeling work we have done. 


This is our "family room" adjoining our kitchen. This photo was taken when we first purchased the home. The cabinets on the right were hanging over a bar in the kitchen. The carpet was super dirty and stinky and it just felt sort of crotchety. Yes, crotchety.

I love the space and we want to be able to host dinner parties so we decided to turn this into a large dining room, sort of a great room feel I suppose. The french doors on the right lead out to the enclosed back porch and then the backyard. 


Here, you can see the bar and we removed the hanging cupboards that were above it. I think it really opened up the space and makes the kitchen seem larger. We have since painted the cupboards, but that is for another post! The next step was to paint the entire room top to bottom as well as whitewashing the fireplace and spray painting the lovely brass guard.

Here I am starting to paint, no turning back! We better like this!

To whitewash a brick fireplace, you make up a mixture of half water, half white paint, preferably a flat or eggshell so there is more of a matte finish. Paint into all the crevices with an old brush. It is pretty watery and sloppy so take precautions with tarps and tape where needed. At first it seems very white, but after awhile the brick soaks in the paint and you can still see the texture and slight color of the brick. We were very happy with the results!

After the fireplace was all painted, I taped off the guard, and used newspaper to make a barrier all around and on the glass front and spray painted it with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It is very dark, almost black. I painted the room a very, very pale cool gray called tundra. I wanted the room to stay a light color because it doesn't get much sunlight and we decided on a darker wood floor. I also taped and painted our french doors black for a more modern look.

Here you can see the fireplace all painted. And the wood floor going in. Dan did a fabulous job on it! It is an engineered locking hardwood floor, called Vintage Hickory. It has a hand carved look and little dents in it, to give it that vintage look. We weren't sure how it would look, but once it started covering a larger area on the floor, we fell in love! It took probably about 3-4 full days of hard work on my hubby's part. Good job Daniel!

Here is the new look! We love it. It feels more like us now. Ahhh. Next up for this room is to paint the built in on the right of the fireplace (probably a darker gray) and wire our lamps above the table into the ceiling, as well as several can lights in this room, particularly above the fireplace. I think adding the lighting will really bring this room into this century. By the way, that table from Ikea seats like 16 when you put in the leaf. It's huge. Come over for dinner there is plenty of roooom! (P.S. better quality photos next time)

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Lindsey Mckenzie said...

New home for the New Year – what a great way to start your year! Congratulations! And I have to say, I’m amazed on how you handled all the tasks in renovating. It must have been challenging, but looking at the photos and the result, you sure loved how it's turning out. Si what’s next to your list?