Thursday, January 9, 2014

A new year! A new diet? Going Gluten Free

I admit it. I judged them. I thought it was crazy. I thought it was a fad. I didn't understand how a "natural" derivative of wheat could cause so many health problems. And then....I tried it.

Many people don't know, but I have been having all sorts of health problems over the last 8 years. Mainly severe joint pain and inflammation. Also, fatigue and stomach pains at almost every meal. In the last couple of years it has become close to debilitating. I wake up and can hardly walk or open anything or even hold a coffee mug my hands are so swollen and in pain.

Today is my sixth day on a strict gluten free diet and I feel so great. I'm not jumping to conclusions until my 30 day trial is complete, but oh. my. goodness. I feel amazing. My joints in my hands and wrists were less swollen by day three. My husband even commented on them. My belly is less bloated and I haven't had any stomach issues, at all. This is big people.

I can't tell you how many times I have prayed for this, or had people pray over me for this. I must acknowledge that God has been leading me to figure this out. I still have a lot of blood work and labs to sort through as I do have an auto immune disease, we are trying to pin down, if it be different from the psoriatic arthritis I was originally diagnosed with. But we are on a path to healing and this is everything to me. I feel like I am hopeful for the first time in years.

I would love to hear of anyone else that has gone gluten free and how you determined that helped you. Also any tips for good meal ideas. Right now I pretty much eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch and soup for dinner....every day. So that might get old soon.

Hooray for feeling better, here's to a great new year.


Rick Blumenberg said...

Hi Katie,
I wasn't aware of your health problems and you have my sympathy. Our daughter, Kathy, has been living with Celiac Disease (Gluten Allergy) for most of her life, but she only discovered what the problem was about 10 years ago. You might want to check out her blog at http://kathyinthekitchen.blogspot.com/. She has some recipes that might be helpful to you. You could also call her, but I don't want to put her phone # on here/. Blessings!

Katie Deitrich said...

I didn't know Kathy had Celiac! Thanks for the reference to her blog. I will certainly check it out.

Christa Briney said...

We are a GF home as well. James (our 2nd) has a Gluten allergy which could probably be considered celiac and I have an intolerance. So now we all eat that way! I can handle small doses of wheat but James can not.
I'm so glad you figured out what was troubling your body! I remember feeling such relief when I began to feel better after going GF and thinking, "my body isn't giving up on itself!"
When I first went GF 2 yrs. ago I thought those foods that you're eating were all that I could eat also! :) Makes me laugh thinking about the 6 foods i ate for a month! :)
There are so many options and food can be really exciting! But it does take a whole mind shift. I mean, you are changing every cooking & eating habit you have ever known! :)
I've also learned for me that making the whole family go GF was a necessity! I was cooking two different meals some evenings and after a couple of weeks i was done. I stopped cooking all together. I was exhausted! ha! So we are all GF! When we go out Paul & Jeremiah will order something with wheat in it and they enjoy that! :)

Shopping can be SO overwhelming! I'm not sure how much you know about ingredients & brands and such but I would LOVE to chat with you about any questions you have! :) I'm a open book! I had the help of one of my aunts to walk me through this. She has been GF for 13+ years. She kept me sane! :) It was just so overwhelming for me!

So anyways, sorry for the long reply! I'm excited that you are beginning to feel better! I forgot what it felt like to function at 100%, if I ever really knew. (I have had stomach problems my whole life, but as a kid GF didn't even exists to try it out!)

Christa Briney said...

Just realized you asked how we knew we needed to go GF.
like i said, i have always had stomach issues, as far back as I can remember. But after I started having kids is when it got worse for me! I would have conversations with people and not remember them, I would go & do things and not remember what i would set off to do. LOTS of memory issues. I also could barely function because i was absolutely & utterly exhausted at all points of the day and it wouldn't matter how much sleep I got.

James has always had some attention issues, we have taken some courses of action to help not make it worse but to combat it now & make what is already a problem better we went GF. James also would have horrible diarrhea and some time vomit when he would have wheat. He would also have horrible temper tantrums to the point that you can't calm him down. so pretty much he's like a totally different child now that he is GF! :) After just 2 days of being GF his teachers at his DayCare said they were shocked to see the different him! :)

Something else that i'm not sure you know about, is that if you have an issue with Gluten/Wheat some people have an intolerance to dairy as well! James does. So we only use almond & coconut milk in our house. He will still have cheese every now and than and he seems to tolerate in small amounts ok. That was a definite learning curve. learning to cook & bake with different milks. but it really does work and you can't tell a difference most recipes! :)