Friday, January 24, 2014

A GF Toddler Dip Plate

Sometimes the simplest ideas get overrun by routine. 
 I am on my 23rd day of going gluten free. I still feel great. Although I think I have experienced some wicked withdraw symptoms. (i.e. mood swings etc.) I feel better than ever. My head continues to be clearer everyday. It's strange, I can think so much better. AND my creativity is coming back to me! I have had a looong dry spell. I even picked up my guitar and painted something all in the same day. Ok, it was just a little picture frame that I painted turquoise, but still. It excites me.

Since I've been eating mostly salads for lunches I've realized how much bread and unhealthy processed foods my kids eat. So today I thought to myself, "I'm just going to make them one colorful plate of veggies and make it fun and have dipping sauces to dip things."

We do eat a lot of carrots or tomatoes with meals, but I've never made that the meal before. I happened to have a lot of random veggies I needed to finish off anyway, so it made for a great way to clear out the fridge too. 

 I gave them two saucers one with ranch and one with red pepper hummus. Since it was all finger foods, there were no forks to wash or extra plates. Bonus! 

It's the little things. I want my kids to be excited about eating healthy. Sometimes I think it helps just to put it in front of them and make it fun.

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