Monday, May 20, 2013

If I Could Change One Thing

I was randomly thinking about ways I would like to change the other day. 

Thoughts that popped into my head were; losing weight and being better about controlling my portions, saving more money instead of spending, following through on projects I start, and doing a little bit of housecleaning each day. 

As I was pondering all my shortcomings, I realized that there is a root problem with each of these things. That is self-discipline or willpower. 

How does one change or exercise the muscle of ones will? I am investigating this new question. 

One interesting blog post I read recently was from Seth Godin. He wrote that a habit can be changed only in small steps toward a new goal. 

For example, he wanted to stop putting sugar in his coffee. So for about a week and a half he put one teaspoon less sugar in his coffee until he no longer noticed the change and it became his new "normal". Then he put one more less teaspoon and so on.

This rings very true with me. When I think of changing, I feel as if I have to go all or nothing. Save all extra money, no spending allowed, and when I fail, inevitably, I just give up. Each and every time. I know I do this. 

So today, I will begin with simply one less teaspoon of sugar.

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