Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Mother's Guilt

Today I choose to let go of the guilt. I choose to believe that my ways are pleasing to God, when I seek Him.

The episode when I overreacted about the splashing in the bath tub. 

The heavy feeling that I'm not feeding my kids well enough. That they had ice cream from McDonalds and only a few freezer burnt green beans for vegetables all day.

I release the notion that leaving the house to peruse the quiet evening aisles of Target in peace is selfish.

I let go of the fear and the lie that I must be messing up my sons somehow, envisioning the teen angst and lifelong grudges they must feel for me. I replace it with a vision of lifelong relationship and love.

I choose to tend my own heart in between the long hard days, because I know it is what I need to be a good Mom tomorrow.

But most of all I embrace what I need most. I steal away moments when their heavy heads and sweet little eyes close in the back seat and all is quiet.

To pray for strength. To pray that I can accept God's grace today. I also pray that he would transform my thought life. Replace the worry, the guilt with his truth.

I release these thoughts and choose to believe that I am a wonderful mother. That God is changing me and I am good enough.

The gift of living free from this weight is waiting for you. You are already forgiven. But you must take it for yourself. Believe that you are good enough. Believe that you are a beautiful, strong and resilient mother, because of His grace.

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Kratts said...

Thank you! So well said and spot on.. that's me everyday.