Monday, March 4, 2013

Is your husband invisible?

I am attending a great Mom to Mom class at our church on Wednesday mornings and the curriculum has been so thought provoking!

One of the points that the author, Linda Schultz Anderson, makes is that often times our husbands feel "invisible". That the kids, our family, our girlfriends and even our careers often times seem more important than them.

My first reaction to that point was, "No, that doesn't apply to us." I quickly moved on.

God must not have been done with me yet. Upon further examination of the study and based on some things that have happened recently, God has stirred up this issue in my heart.

I am always so concerned with my needs. And with good reason I'd say, with two rambunctious young boys and 33 weeks pregnant. I am acutely aware that I don't always get the time I'd like to myself to do things I want to do. I don't always feel appreciated for what I am doing. I often feel like my husband doesn't do enough for me.

And I am beginning to sense a theme in my thought life. It's often all about me! My husband is so humble that I don't think he would ever really express that he feels this way. But maybe he does?

I am going to make a point to be intentional about making him feel affirmed and appreciated (most important things to a man according to this study) Maybe I will even surprise him! (hoping he doesn't read this)

I challenge you to do something special for your husband to affirm him this week. Even if it is a small thing. Do it.

If you want a great resource. Sign up for the "30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge" on this website called Revive our Hearts. You get emails with scripture and ways to keep encouraging your husbands.

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