Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Faces of my Children

Who can resist the sweet little face of a child? Especially when its looking to you for comfort, for a laugh, for words of praise, for answers to their never ending questions.
Today I am going to spend MORE time gazing into these indigo eyes. I am going to laugh and tickle him and play monster and chase him. I am going to sit beside him while he plays with his "Little People".
Some days, when I am feeling particularly sentimental (yes, I am pregnant) and when I catch a glimpse of a greater perspective, I feel so insignificant. These moments seem to be flying by, in hindsight. Those chubby little fingers and hands will one day soon grip the crayon without effort. He won't need my help. Lord, help me to remember that although the days are long, these years are short.

Give me a spirit that is self sacrificing. Help me to remember that everything I say and do is setting a standard for my sons. That they are learning about their world through me. I am the teacher.

Help me remember that they are learning how to feel with their emotions, deal with frustration, process sadness and joy.

Most of all, take me back to that magical place where childhood happens. Where things are always funny enough for an audible, out loud laugh. Where the wonder of the most simple 
things are all around you.

Where faith is who you are, not something you do.

That snow comes from God, and the moon really is his thumbnail.

Help me to be tender and captivated by the wonder that is this life....
But most of all, help me to look into these faces, forget the world and just laugh with them.

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