Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Up on Life with the Boys

Life with my boys has been crazy and good lately. They are both at really fun ages 3.5 almost 4 and 19 months (although Jack is showing signs of terrible twos! No!)

They are goofy and play a lot together which is so nice. We have a nice sort of rhythm going at home. Playing legos, meals, bath times, these are the things of life.

Calvin has been enjoying preschool. I think the social interaction and structure has been really good for him. He comes home with all sorts of new little songs and prayers that are just so precious. I must share this one, for memory sake. I will never forget the first time he prayed for us at dinner, I had no idea he knew it! "Thank you Lord for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the bird's that sing, thank you Lord, for everything." 

It melted my heart and made me so thankful for the partnership of our wonderful preschool teachers.

Oh yeah and Jack is huge now! Time does go faster with the second one. He is growing out of his baby stage much too quickly for me, and I'm sure when baby sister arrives it will go even faster. I need to be intentional about documenting all this, I don't ever want to forget these precious years!

We finally got our first real snow! Not until mid January, weird. Calvin was so excited to make snow angels and a snow man although there really wasn't enough snow for that. I love snow. Weird. Yeah, I guess I do. At least the smiles and excitement it brings to my children and the child inside of me.

Jack wasn't too sure of it yet. I doubt he remembers it last year.

Jack kept taking off his gloves. He didn't really get that whole concept of keeping them warm.

 (Proud moment of admiring his snow angel)

I love that Dan gets just as excited as I do when its time to take the boys out. For all the hard work we parents put in, we also get to have a lot of fun too! There are so many rewards. I can't imagine my life without my kids now. I would probably be more rested and have awesome photos of lots of vacations to share...but where is the fun in that?


Laura said...

your boys are so cute! I can't wait till I have children to play in the snow with!

New follower here!

Katie Deitrich said...

Thanks! Kids are great. Hope you are able to have a family one day too! Thanks for following!