Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Berry Banana Super Smoothie!

Mmmm...look at all that healthy goodness. This smoothie is on the weekly rotation because of its undeniable deliciousness. AND if that's not enough for you, it is also packed with vitamins and superfood magic. It makes plenty too, probably 2 servings. I split it up and give it to my two boys
(3.5 yrs. and 18 months) They think it's ice cream. Hee-hee they dont even know there is spinach and other healthy things in there. Try this one. It's a keeper.

Berry Banana Super Smoothie:

1 cup of ice
1 cup of OJ or water 
1 serving sized greek yogurt ( I used strawberry banana)
Big handful of spinach
1 ripe banana (ripe is key)
2 cups (or so) of frozen mixed berries
1 heaping TBS. of wheat germ*
1 heaping TBS. of ground flax seed**

*The wheat germ is a great source of folic acid (which is great for pregnant women like me) as well as Vitamin E and magnesium. Health skin, nails and shiny hair! :) Find it usually on the top shelf in a jar near the oatmeal and cereals.

**You must ground the seeds (we just use our Kitchenaid coffee grinder, which we love,
if they are whole to get the nutrition from them. I found a package of whole flax seed in the gourmet snack section of the grocery store. It is packed with fiber and important Omega-3's! This stuff always makes me feel SO full for quite awhile. I haven't found many things that can do that for me.


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