Saturday, November 5, 2011

Which old fashioned girl name do you like best?

So, I'm kind of obsessed with old-fashioned slightly weird names. Anybody else out there?

And this is no announcement or anything. I'm just dreaming of the day that I have a girl.
I have a short list running on what I may like to call her. What do you think of these names? Do you like any of them? Vote on my poll above!


Rachel Jones said...

I LOVE old-fashioned girls names too. I have a large list of my favs, of course my husband likes almost none of them....
But we settled on Lucy (though we thought we were having a boy), so I'm so glad I got to use it - the one girl name we could agree on :)

Romy said...

Hmmmm. Ya just got me excited!! :o)

Sally Smith said...

Mia Bella = my beautiful

Abby Stensland said...

My friend's name is Beatrice and we call her Bea :)