Friday, November 4, 2011

The Sock Bun Learning Curve

Since I posted my last post on sock bun curls I have heard about several of you who have tried it with no real success. Don't give up! I think there is a trick to it....

I have done it again since the first time and it wasn't so good the second time. The difference was that my hair was all over much damper than the first time. The first time I rolled it, it was pretty much all over dry and then I added a little water just to the ends of my ponytail. But not too much.

So maybe it has to be mostly dry with just a little dampness to the ends of the ponytail.

While I'm sure not all hair types work well, I do think there is still hope for some of you! Give it a few more tries with varying dryness and see if it works! :)

Send me some before and after shots of your buns (hee-hee) and I'll make a new post with the pics!

1 comment:

Romy said...

That's awesome! I wish my hair was long enough to do that!