Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glorious sock bun! Tricks I learned...

GLORIOUS Sock Bun. How I love thee. After a few trials using slightly different techniques. I think I found what works best.
Dry Hair. Very Important.I actually had to blow-dry after my shower last night. Then slightly dampen the ponytail on the top of your head. I used a little spray bottle just like the one in the sock bun video. I very lightly sprayed mostly 2/3 of the ponytail, towards the ends. But hardly at all. I found when it didn't work the best, I woke up and my sock bun was still damp = not good.

I also used just a couple pumps of anti-frizz serum focusing on the ends of my hair, after lightly dampening the ponytail. Make sure you watch closely how to roll the sock bun with this video: sock bun rolling

Also, I tried using a sock that had a bit more elasticity to it. A tighter sock, if you will.

It only takes a couple of times to practice and then it's easy as pie. Hope that helps you get true "beauty sleep"!!! Seriously. 8 minutes to get totally ready this morning.


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Miss Smart said...

This is really effective! Your hair looks great! My hair is naturally really curly but I want to have more loose and large curls, ill try this out!