Sunday, October 30, 2011

The "Sock-Bun" Experiment: Before and After

I haven't been this excited about a new beauty secret in a long time. I needed something easy, and quick that doesn't involve turning on my curling iron or even my blow dryer for that matter. This. is. incredible. And it uses an old sock! Here's the youtube link for instructions:

Here is me before bed... I was surprised how easy this was. It was also super comfy to sleep in. I tried out some sponge curlers not too long ago that you sleep in, and let me tell you it's like resting your head on a bed of rocks. With this however, I forgot I had it in until I looked in the mirror in the morning.

And..............................literally rolling out of bed and pulling out the sock.

Since I took my shower last night it cuts my getting ready time to less than ten minutes to brush my teeth, freshen up with a little makeup and voila!

I'm a believer! You should try this. Especially if you are a busy mom like me :) I love it!!!

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