Thursday, October 27, 2011

Being a mother a spiritual practice?

I read Donald Miller's blog last night and he had a lady guest blogger writing on this topic.


I thought it was a very timely topic to my life. It is worth the read for you mommies out there. It basically sums up the chaotic/sacrificial lifestyle of a mother and how it is so hard to find the time to have a spiritual practice, such as "bible time" or "devotion time" or even designated "prayer time". While I still think that these set aside times are very important, I had to laugh at her writing.

Especially the bit about getting excited just to have a cup of coffee to yourself or brush your teeth. That is so me right now.

The best part that I think deserves more examination in our lives is the way that we view communion with God and that perhaps just our everyday interactions with our children could be a window into the heart of God. After all, he did call himself a father...Could it be that when I am teaching Calvin how to sing a new song, or clean up the messes he makes, or hug and kiss him and tell him that I will always love him, am I communing with God?

We touched upon this question in college, I believe in my 3D class with Bayliss. Can sweeping the floor be an act of prayer?

I certainly think that God understands the demands on our time and sacrificial lifestyle as a mother. So maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves and feel guilty about not having quote unquote "devotion time". God is much bigger than our own agendas after all. I pray that he would open my eyes to see HIM, in my children and in the interactions with them today.

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