Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple pie and rice cereal!

We are having all kinds of firsts around here. Today was Jack's first time to eat rice cereal! He was SOOO ready to eat something with more substance to it. He kept leaning into the spoon and having these little happy dances in between bites.


This is Daddy's awesome hat that Calvin likes to wear.

It has been crazy around here with the amount of apples I have had to deal with (thanks Mom). I made 4 apple pies, crockpot apple butter (which turned out really gross and burned-haha!), sweet potato, baked apple risotto (which turned out pretty great!) and apple baby food which I am currently putting into ice cube trays to freeze for Jack.

The pies turned out delicious! Thanks again Mom, for my great-grandma Cogie's apple pie recipe. I tried baking one from frozen and it still turned out great. What an awesome thing to have waiting in the freezer whenever the mood strikes us, or for when we have company over.

I am proud to say there is not a single apple left uncooked in this house. PTL.

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