Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Baby Making Decade

I'm sure there are some of you that are tired about hearing about babies and children. If so, please disregard this post. It does become a huge part of your life during the "child rearing" years, but please know that there are other parts of my life that I am still passionate about as well, like making art and films (humble though they be) and cooking for fun and being ridiculous with my friends in a very middle school like way, and still, I am a mother.

Just yesterday Rachel and I took a little trip up to Kalamazoo to visit my friend Tori who just had her first sweet little baby girl named Calista. (yeah, we won't mention that I got on 96 instead of 94 and didn't realize it until we were in Holland?!?!?!) So we had a fun road trip, took us more than two hours to get to K-zoo. Oooops.

So this is a celebration post for the precious little lives that have come into the world! Here is Jack(3 months) and Cali (6 days old?).

Another is my friend Jenn had her baby boy just a couple weeks ago, Baby Calvin. Then there's Nicki and Baby Luke.Baby Luke came over for a little "play date" the other day...I think it was the first time that they "noticed" each other. So cute.

That's not all the babies either. I can count on more than one hand the number of people I know that are either pregnant or trying! I guess we have officially entered the baby making decade.

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