Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update on our little trip to the Hospital!

Update: I went to the hospital yesterday after having contractions for several hours, they were 4-6 min. apart, which is usually what they want to see. I stayed at the hospital (in Niles) from 1-5pm and they pumped me with IV fluids to try and get the contractions to subside. They also monitored my contractions which were showing a really good pattern and the Doc even told me "Wow, that baby is really bulging out of there, you'll probably have that baby today!" which got us all excited. After a few more hours, they determined that my cervix had no real change which is the determining factor of what is true labor, so they discharged me and I went home...

I continued to have contractions through the night last night, but nothing really bad, and by this morning I feel great! Must be that little sleeping pill they gave me at the hospital ;) So nothing to report. They just want me to be on semi-bed rest-so very little activity. The good Lord only knows when this baby will come! I may still make it to my scheduled C-section next Friday. But they want to keep an eye on me since I am having a c-section, I need to make it to the hospital before baby comes so they can do it that way.

A friend of mine who is also almost exactly the same amount of weeks as I am, was having contractions all day yesterday. So who knows? The weather maybe? I was also out shoveling in our yard the day before(woops).

I'll keep ya posted if I have a baby!

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