Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Countdown! 36 weeks

Just a little update on the pregnancy. Last week I was having contractions in the night and I actually called in to the nurse to make sure that I wasn't going into labor. They never got to be 5 min. apart for an hour so I stayed home. It was 4 in the morning after all...Since then I've been trying to take it easy. One, because the baby is getting so big (and consequently, so am I) that it is hard to do much, even bend over and especially get up from a sitting position on the floor where I spend a lot of my time with Calvin. I am almost 36 weeks now, will be on Monday. That is kind of frightening because that is when my water broke with Calvin and I had him via C-section that next day. Just in case, I've been organizing things more, like packing our bags, got all the newborn clothes unpacked, washed and put away. I have the pack n' play assembled and sitting in our bedroom converted into a bassinet and with a fresh sheet on it. I've been doing mountains of laundry too. (Did I say I was taking it easy?) I just read online somewhere that usually your nesting tendencies tend to be greatest just before you go into labor. I hope that's not totally true.

Also, I've been eating unimaginable amounts of food. Mostly watermelon. Yep, today alone I ate almost an entire half of one of those gigantic melons. Geez! I can tell the baby must be growing a lot because there is no end in sight to my eating habits. I also read today that the baby weighs about 6 lbs. now and is roughly 19 inches long. It's still hard to imagine that there is an actual little life inside me. I know that it's true, but it won't hit me until I hold that little bundle and examine those little fingers and toes. Oh and that little nose, formed so perfectly... Bring on the miracle of birth, I say!

I know every mother probably goes through this, but I am starting to get nervous about managing TWO children and recovering from my c-section. I am blessed to have two moms around to help me and I'm sure Dan will be helpful as well, but at this point I'm having difficulty keeping up with just the ONE! I have been watching a lot of the TV show 19 kids and counting. Bless their hearts, that always keeps my spirits up! If they can have that many and manage, I can too-with God's strength.

As soon as I can I will post another baby belly photo, who knows it could be the last one!

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