Tuesday, May 31, 2011

37 weeks.

Here I am! Pregnant as ever. Thursday is my last Doctor's appointment before the big day on June 10th! Pray for us as we transition into this new phase of life with two children. I am so excited!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Homestretch

So, here it is... documentation of my baby belly at 36 weeks! I am now 37 weeks and have surpassed the date of when I had Calvin. So I'm on the homestretch now! I had an appt. this past Thursday and all is well. I am dilated two centimeters and the doc said that my cervix has moved forward. The baby is also head down and in position to be born! Woo-hoo! I have my last appt. this coming Thursday and that will be my "pre-op" appt. making sure everything is good to go for my Cesarian on June 10th! I have honestly been giving it my best effort to relax and take it easy (something that is hard for me to do) and I think that has probably helped.

I was so sick a couple of weeks ago. I had a terrible cold, sore throat and cough. Also, at the same time my seasonal allergies started. That was a rough 5 days. My cough is still lingering, but I finally feel much better. In this photo you can tell that my eyes are all red and were very itchy! I hate hay fever! Just as a reminder to myself, maybe try not to be 8 months pregnant during allergy season.

I feel ready now. Bring it on baby Jack! A few weeks ago when I was having some contractions I might have been freaking out a little. I was trying to have all the laundry done, and bags packed and baby stuff ready and house in order so that if he came and we had visitors it would be clean. I'm in a much more relaxed mood now. I don't think everything will be perfect, but I do want to keep it picked up at least. A goal that is increasingly difficult with a rambunctious toddler around and a Mommy who can't bend over to pick things up.

I've been trying to think of what I want to remember from this time. It seemed like last time I had forgotten the way things were or felt while I was pregnant. I want to record those feelings accurately so that I will be able to recall when I am past my childbearing years. Lately, I really do feel like I am running out of room in my belly. I'll feel really strong kicks that shake my body or knees or feet sticking out of my sides and rolling across my belly. It is a very strange feeling. Sometimes I gasp because it feels so weird all of a sudden, like he's going to kick his way out! I've been eating a lot of junk food lately-probably not the best idea, but I am craving things like little debbie nutty bars and chips! I never eat those things. My guess is that Jack is putting on a lot of weight these last few weeks and so that is why I am craving fatty things. :) I'm trying to be good!
My hips have been really sore and achy lately, they feel like they are probably shifting apart ever so slightly, that is a weird feeling. My emotions have been relatively stable compared to a month ago. I am mostly just tired and can become irritable if I don't get my rest.

Tonight I laid on the bed with Calvin and he let me sing to him. It's not too often anymore that he will even let me read him a book before bed, let alone sing him a lullaby. I love those moments. He cuddles up next to me, sucking his thumb and rubbing a corner of his blankie on his face and I rub his tummy while I sing. He's even starting to pick up the songs himself, singing the end of each line....one of my favorites to sing to him is "How he loves us" by John Mark McMillan. Those moments are what heaven must be like, to feel a love so strong and tender. I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity to be a mother.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Countdown! 36 weeks

Just a little update on the pregnancy. Last week I was having contractions in the night and I actually called in to the nurse to make sure that I wasn't going into labor. They never got to be 5 min. apart for an hour so I stayed home. It was 4 in the morning after all...Since then I've been trying to take it easy. One, because the baby is getting so big (and consequently, so am I) that it is hard to do much, even bend over and especially get up from a sitting position on the floor where I spend a lot of my time with Calvin. I am almost 36 weeks now, will be on Monday. That is kind of frightening because that is when my water broke with Calvin and I had him via C-section that next day. Just in case, I've been organizing things more, like packing our bags, got all the newborn clothes unpacked, washed and put away. I have the pack n' play assembled and sitting in our bedroom converted into a bassinet and with a fresh sheet on it. I've been doing mountains of laundry too. (Did I say I was taking it easy?) I just read online somewhere that usually your nesting tendencies tend to be greatest just before you go into labor. I hope that's not totally true.

Also, I've been eating unimaginable amounts of food. Mostly watermelon. Yep, today alone I ate almost an entire half of one of those gigantic melons. Geez! I can tell the baby must be growing a lot because there is no end in sight to my eating habits. I also read today that the baby weighs about 6 lbs. now and is roughly 19 inches long. It's still hard to imagine that there is an actual little life inside me. I know that it's true, but it won't hit me until I hold that little bundle and examine those little fingers and toes. Oh and that little nose, formed so perfectly... Bring on the miracle of birth, I say!

I know every mother probably goes through this, but I am starting to get nervous about managing TWO children and recovering from my c-section. I am blessed to have two moms around to help me and I'm sure Dan will be helpful as well, but at this point I'm having difficulty keeping up with just the ONE! I have been watching a lot of the TV show 19 kids and counting. Bless their hearts, that always keeps my spirits up! If they can have that many and manage, I can too-with God's strength.

As soon as I can I will post another baby belly photo, who knows it could be the last one!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am enjoying a quiet cup of Earl Grey and a toasted english muffin on this quiet rainy Saturday afternoon in May. I have been reflecting on this past year or two. Calvin is now a rambunctious toddler and I find myself very pregnant. There was nothing in my life leading up to the birth of my first son that compared to that excitement. There is something so real about God's presence and his hand in those first moments of a new life in your arms. Amazingly, I now know that those little bundles of joy turn into little people with their own little personalities. I think that makes it even more exciting. Some days, even in the midst of being tired from a long day of chasing Cal around I am overwhelmed with emotion. (I'm sure it probably has something to do with my mood swings and hormones at times) But I am just beside myself with the blessings in my life. I have a loving husband who comes home for dinner always with a big smile on his face and a beautiful son who's bright and loving and wild in the best of ways. And what's more is that we will have another son! We have food, good food to eat, and a cozy house that has truly become our home, filled with memories.

I suppose this has become a gratitude entry in a way. Though I believe that God does not spare us from suffering and though we have had our fair share of trials, he is a good God. Today I choose to dwell on all that is good and pure and lovely.