Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Third Trimester and Baby Name!

Here I am with baby belly at 26 weeks! I am now 28 weeks and I have entered into the final trimester of pregnancy. In three months, give or take, I will have my precious baby in my arms.

I am feeling pretty great. Nothing really compares to the anguish that was the first trimester and throwing up everyday. Thank the Lord that has passed....But I feel good, besides some general discomfort, particularly at night and throbbing feet at the end of the day. I've been staying home a lot lately during the week. Partly because Calvin is having some learning moments on how to NOT throw temper tantrums while in public, and also because it makes me very tired. Other than that, I actually raked our whole yard today while Calvin napped. I think the nesting/busybodiness is starting to pick up.

I must say, so far, the second time having a child is much easier. I know a lot more of what to expect and how to deal with things. I know what supplies we really need and how to manage by what we went through last time. Ask me again about two weeks in, when the zombie stage kicks in and I'll tell you how easy it is this time ;)

Dan and I have decided on a name for baby brother. Jack Gentry Deitrich. We finally arrived on what seemed like the ONE name we agreed on and when we agreed- it just felt, right. So Jack it is! Gentry for my family sake. Dan actually "revealed" the name of the baby in the thank you notes on his new CD he just released, which turned out to be a fun way to do it. Gotta keep it interesting sometimes. So here's to the last few months of pregnancy! Pray that we have a smooth C-section (yes, again, sadly) and that Baby Jack is healthy and strong. June 10th is the official date for the C-section now, unless I go into labor sooner.


anita said...

Perfect! Jack will arrive just in time to meet his Great Aunt Nita and Great Uncle Steve! Thanks for planning this pregnancy around our annual trip to Michigan:)

Amy said...

I can totally relate with being pregant with the 2nd one!! Congrats on the name, I hope Jack and Alek will get to meet eventually! We will have to come visit you guys!

Katie D. said...

When are you coming to MI, Aunt Anita?

When are you due Amy?