Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I need to pray!

I apologize for the lack of photos lately. Our iMac has been acting weird and our iPhoto won't even open. Hence the difficulties uploading pics...I have to use Dan's laptop when he is home which makes for fewer uploads.

I have had a great week so far. I had a bit of a revelation over the past week. At our small group I burst into tears over how overwhelmed I've felt lately trying to deal with Calvin's two year old behavior. I've had days honestly where I have to really motivate myself to get up and face another day of challenges. Calvin is really a sweet, sweet boy. It is just mainly the energy levels of that child! He is constantly climbing treacherous things and scaring the living day-lights out of me! This being cooped up at home through the winter is just not working out. He listens well unless it is a transition time, especially leaving somewhere fun. I'm not really strong enough to muscle him into his car seat every time, especially being pregnant....so it gets frustrating.

After my little episode at small group, I realized how bad it has gotten for me. I think I really just need a break! Dan and I had a really good conversation and took some initiative to change some things up in the schedule so I can have a free day here and there. My mom will be watching him every Wed. now and she's going to do a little cleaning too, so that will help immensely knowing that I have Wed. to look forward to.

Most importantly, we started a new sermon series on fasting and prayer at church and the first sermon really spoke to me. I needed to be reminded of the power of prayer. It is so important. I am taking time out of my daily schedule to prayer journal, which has always worked for me, I like to write. I am also trying to seek God and spend some quiet time with him everyday.

I can't tell you what a difference prayer has made even within a week. I can't believe how little I was praying. It relieves a lot of anxiety. And it puts God back in charge :)

Thank you Lord, for relief and the strength of YOUR spirit.

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