Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts on Hot Baths

So last night I was all alone, well, after I tucked in little buddy (more like wrestled him into bed). I shut his door and collapsed into the chair. After numbing my mind for more than a few minutes on facebook, I glanced at the pile of dinner dishes, thought about the chocolate chip cookies I needed to make for the next day and had a great idea. I'm going to take a hot bath!

I just so happened to have a fun bath fizzer that Dan got for me Valentine's Day, and by golly I was going to use it. I lit a candle, turned off the light and sank into the hot water. All except my baby belly which stuck out like a boulder in the sea :)

There is something so healing to the soul about a tub of hot water, a little smelly soap and candle light flickering on the tile. I wondered why I don't take a hot bath every night...maybe because some nights I really am too tired even to take a bath.

So I'm going to try and keep pampering myself. Being a mother is such a sacrificial lifestyle. I need to try and balance this a little bit. I can't forget about myself!