Sunday, February 20, 2011

Letter to Baby Bun #2

Dear Little Bun,

I just want you to know how much you mean to us. Everyday I can feel you squirming and kicking my belly. You are such an active little guy. Your big brother is going to love playing with you and helping his mommy when I dress you and change your diaper. You now only have 3 more months to grow and snuggle inside Mom's tummy and then we'll get to meet you and kiss your sweet little cheeks. I can't wait to take you on walks with Calvin to the park. The weather will be warm when you come. We are looking forward to that too :)

We pray for you nightly, that you are growing to be a healthy boy. We love you already! Our greatest hope is that you may grow up to know the love that God has for you in a very real way. You are so special. You have a big loving family here to welcome you when you come too! You are so blessed to have three grandmas and two grandpas already. And lots of uncles to take you fishing or riding on their four wheelers, well, one day when you're older anyway. You also have aunts that will want to snuggle and kiss you too.

We love you son!

Mom and Dad

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