Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everyday January

We've been playing inside a lot lately, due to all the snow. We have a little routine going. Breakfast, Sesame Street and Sid the Science Kid, playroom fun in the basement, lunch, quiet playtime in his room, nap, dinner, bath, more playtime and rough house with Dad, bedtime.

Everyday Calvin amazes me how much he is learning and how smart he is. He has learned all his puzzles so well, that he can tell when a piece is missing before he even gets to the last piece. He will mess up on purpose and look at me and say "Nooooooooo." Just the way I say it going up in pitch at the end.

He is also learning his letters now. I didn't even really try to teach him those, but from his little laptop toy that teaches letters and some of the kid shows, he's picked them up. He also has bath toy letters and him and Dad have been practicing those. He knows D, S, O, M, W, B, and a few others. He can pick them out of a pile of letters if you ask him, "Where's the D?" He also knows what sounds they make. If we're out and about and he sees a letter on something he will point it out and say "O!"

So smart and not even two yet!

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