Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BOY or GIRL? Drum roll please...

Dan and I have had some fun revealing the gender of this baby....

The poll people were WRONG however!

We used a set of Cal's nesting boxes and wrapped each one inside the other. Each box was wrapped in either a pink or blue ribbon until you reached the tiniest box and inside was a little blue bootie.....for a BOY! Dan's parents came over for a dinner and then opened the boxes. We skyped Krissy in from Anderson so that was fun. We also sent my Dad, Melissa, Haley and Ginny the same package and we skyped them while they opened it. I think some people may have been a little surprised that it was a boy-myself included. :)

We also made a surprise cake for my mom. They came over and we skyped Graham in from Seattle as we cut the cake to reveal the blue inside!

We are super excited that Cal will have a little brother to play with. I thought for sure it was a girl this time because I was so sick, but that just goes to show you that every pregnancy is different! Dan is excited to have some fishing buddies too.

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