Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts on Hot Baths

So last night I was all alone, well, after I tucked in little buddy (more like wrestled him into bed). I shut his door and collapsed into the chair. After numbing my mind for more than a few minutes on facebook, I glanced at the pile of dinner dishes, thought about the chocolate chip cookies I needed to make for the next day and had a great idea. I'm going to take a hot bath!

I just so happened to have a fun bath fizzer that Dan got for me Valentine's Day, and by golly I was going to use it. I lit a candle, turned off the light and sank into the hot water. All except my baby belly which stuck out like a boulder in the sea :)

There is something so healing to the soul about a tub of hot water, a little smelly soap and candle light flickering on the tile. I wondered why I don't take a hot bath every night...maybe because some nights I really am too tired even to take a bath.

So I'm going to try and keep pampering myself. Being a mother is such a sacrificial lifestyle. I need to try and balance this a little bit. I can't forget about myself!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Letter to Baby Bun #2

Dear Little Bun,

I just want you to know how much you mean to us. Everyday I can feel you squirming and kicking my belly. You are such an active little guy. Your big brother is going to love playing with you and helping his mommy when I dress you and change your diaper. You now only have 3 more months to grow and snuggle inside Mom's tummy and then we'll get to meet you and kiss your sweet little cheeks. I can't wait to take you on walks with Calvin to the park. The weather will be warm when you come. We are looking forward to that too :)

We pray for you nightly, that you are growing to be a healthy boy. We love you already! Our greatest hope is that you may grow up to know the love that God has for you in a very real way. You are so special. You have a big loving family here to welcome you when you come too! You are so blessed to have three grandmas and two grandpas already. And lots of uncles to take you fishing or riding on their four wheelers, well, one day when you're older anyway. You also have aunts that will want to snuggle and kiss you too.

We love you son!

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everyday January

We've been playing inside a lot lately, due to all the snow. We have a little routine going. Breakfast, Sesame Street and Sid the Science Kid, playroom fun in the basement, lunch, quiet playtime in his room, nap, dinner, bath, more playtime and rough house with Dad, bedtime.

Everyday Calvin amazes me how much he is learning and how smart he is. He has learned all his puzzles so well, that he can tell when a piece is missing before he even gets to the last piece. He will mess up on purpose and look at me and say "Nooooooooo." Just the way I say it going up in pitch at the end.

He is also learning his letters now. I didn't even really try to teach him those, but from his little laptop toy that teaches letters and some of the kid shows, he's picked them up. He also has bath toy letters and him and Dad have been practicing those. He knows D, S, O, M, W, B, and a few others. He can pick them out of a pile of letters if you ask him, "Where's the D?" He also knows what sounds they make. If we're out and about and he sees a letter on something he will point it out and say "O!"

So smart and not even two yet!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BOY or GIRL? Drum roll please...

Dan and I have had some fun revealing the gender of this baby....

The poll people were WRONG however!

We used a set of Cal's nesting boxes and wrapped each one inside the other. Each box was wrapped in either a pink or blue ribbon until you reached the tiniest box and inside was a little blue bootie.....for a BOY! Dan's parents came over for a dinner and then opened the boxes. We skyped Krissy in from Anderson so that was fun. We also sent my Dad, Melissa, Haley and Ginny the same package and we skyped them while they opened it. I think some people may have been a little surprised that it was a boy-myself included. :)

We also made a surprise cake for my mom. They came over and we skyped Graham in from Seattle as we cut the cake to reveal the blue inside!

We are super excited that Cal will have a little brother to play with. I thought for sure it was a girl this time because I was so sick, but that just goes to show you that every pregnancy is different! Dan is excited to have some fishing buddies too.