Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calvin finds a "meow".

So at the risk of people judging us, I want to share a rather funny story that happened just the other day. Calvin and I were downstairs in his playroom. I was reading on the bed and Calvin was quietly playing, picking out toys from these blue bins that we have down there.

After a few minutes, I realized that he kept saying "meow" and was playing with something quite contently. I thought it was cute and wondered what it was that he was so happily playing with, I didn't think he had any toy cats down in the basement. I looked up from my reading and noticed a small furry object in his hand which he was walking along the train tracks absorbed in his own little make believe world. I moved closer as my worst suspicion quickly turned to horror.

He was, in fact, holding a DEAD MOUSE.

It was a cute little mouse and it became clear that Calvin was not going to give it up so easily. I tried to pretend like everything was perfectly normal and was finally able to pry it from his hands as he held it close to him in between affectionate "meows".

I laughed so hard after I quickly disposed of it and anti-bacterialized my son.

This one is for the records.
And, by the way, we do not have a rodent problem. At least none that I was aware of until now :)

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Melody said...

AAHAA! I heard about this the other day. Soooooo funny!