Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Bump

Here is the first official baby belly photo of this pregnancy. I am 18 weeks now. My bump looks pretty big here. We haven't had an ultrasound yet and I'm starting to get nervous about twins. That, or its just a really big baby! It feels big already. I have felt it move for a few weeks now. He/she is very active. I am over the sickness part and I am soooo glad. That was a rough bout for the last four months. I still have days where I feel super tired and sometimes nauseous. But nothing like before. Thank you God for relief!

I have been enjoying it more lately. There is nothing like feeling a baby move inside you and being a part of such a mysterious miracle. I'm trying to remember these feelings, because who knows if this is the last time I could be pregnant! Dan and I want to have more children, but you just never know.

On Jan. 25th we find out the sex of the baby! We are super excited. We'll keep you updated!

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