Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calvin finds a "meow".

So at the risk of people judging us, I want to share a rather funny story that happened just the other day. Calvin and I were downstairs in his playroom. I was reading on the bed and Calvin was quietly playing, picking out toys from these blue bins that we have down there.

After a few minutes, I realized that he kept saying "meow" and was playing with something quite contently. I thought it was cute and wondered what it was that he was so happily playing with, I didn't think he had any toy cats down in the basement. I looked up from my reading and noticed a small furry object in his hand which he was walking along the train tracks absorbed in his own little make believe world. I moved closer as my worst suspicion quickly turned to horror.

He was, in fact, holding a DEAD MOUSE.

It was a cute little mouse and it became clear that Calvin was not going to give it up so easily. I tried to pretend like everything was perfectly normal and was finally able to pry it from his hands as he held it close to him in between affectionate "meows".

I laughed so hard after I quickly disposed of it and anti-bacterialized my son.

This one is for the records.
And, by the way, we do not have a rodent problem. At least none that I was aware of until now :)

Snowy Days

We've had a lot of snow the last couple of weeks, as many of you know. It was so pretty when it first fell. We all decided to go out for a little romp in the snow.

Even Coop had fun galloping through it. It went up to his chin,
which made things a little difficult for him.

This was the sunrise, the morning it first fell. I love the way the trees look outside our windows when we first wake up. The sun peeks through the branches and the snow glistens in the light.

Dad and Cal.

Something is funny...

A winter wonderland!

And his first taste of hot cocoa. His favorite part were the tiny marshmallows.

Baby Bump

Here is the first official baby belly photo of this pregnancy. I am 18 weeks now. My bump looks pretty big here. We haven't had an ultrasound yet and I'm starting to get nervous about twins. That, or its just a really big baby! It feels big already. I have felt it move for a few weeks now. He/she is very active. I am over the sickness part and I am soooo glad. That was a rough bout for the last four months. I still have days where I feel super tired and sometimes nauseous. But nothing like before. Thank you God for relief!

I have been enjoying it more lately. There is nothing like feeling a baby move inside you and being a part of such a mysterious miracle. I'm trying to remember these feelings, because who knows if this is the last time I could be pregnant! Dan and I want to have more children, but you just never know.

On Jan. 25th we find out the sex of the baby! We are super excited. We'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering 2010 in photos!

The "Soup-off" at Ryan Rickett's house. I kind of won first place. Really it was second place. Thanks Mom for your famous mushroom soup recipe!

Sledding with Dan's brothers and sisters over Christmas break at Grand Mere.

Painting the Soup Kitchen with Young Adults.

A group of us girls went to Warm Winter's Eve!

Calvin turned ONE! We celebrated with family and friends at the church.

My good friend Cindi had her baby girl in March. Baby Marissa! Here I am at the hospital holding her for the first time.

Our first Easter as a family. Here we are in our fancy duds.

Mom and I both flew into Cape May, NJ to watch Graham (my little brother) graduate from Coast Guard basic training. It was such a fun trip and we were amazed at how much my brother had changed. We were so proud!

Calvin got to meet Austin, Miss Amy's baby, for the first time. They were both in the womb at the same time and in the same room everyday at school!

We took our first real family vacation and flew out to San Diego (Oceanside) California to visit Dan's cousin Holly, her husband Dusty and their little boy, Brody. It was so much fun! We went to Disneyland and the Zoo and the beach. We had a great time hanging with the Bonner's too. Too bad we all got sick at the end and we ended up missing our fight home because I was SO sick. Besides that, it was incredible.

Dan played guitar in our friend Holly Nickel's wedding. It was on the beach, how lovely.

A group of us went to Chicago for the day. Here we are at the Museum of Science and Industry.

"It's a wonder day!"-Amanda Britton. Our random Wednesday night out to Brewster's in New Buffalo and the beautiful sunset that followed.

Dan and I took our annual trip to Ikea! We got a desk and some sweet lighting set-up.

Calvin's first time going down the slide all by himself at Milton Park.

We celebrated the first official day of summer by taking the boys, AJ Green and Calvin to the new fountain downtown. They had a blast!(literally)

Tori and Jen came down for an impromptu girl's night!

Dad, Melissa, Haley and Ginny all came up to visit in June. We had a great time! We went strawberry picking, to the beach, and ice cream at Kilwin's two nights in a row! Yum!
I tried my hand out at landscaping. I planted Papaver, Russian Sage, Phlox, Day lillies, Hollyhocks, and a Hydrangea.

Here we are at my cousin Stockton Schultz' wedding.

We took our first trip of the year up to Jehnsen, Dan's family cabin. It was a little scarier this year with Calvin running all over the place. Keep the life jacket on!

Holly, Dusty and Brody came to visit us this time! And Calvin learned to walk!

We spent many a sunny afternoon lounging in our hammock. Calvin loved it.

Dan helped lead a small group of young adults on mission trip to Haiti to help with the earthquake relief. It was a life-changing experience for him and the others. (Chris and Amanda Britton, Renae Cosgrove and Matt Geiger)

In July Dan and I, Krissy, Johnny and Matt Deitrich all piled into our minivan and headed out west to Montana to visit his brother Nick and Mary. It was an extremely long and cramped road trip, but well worth it. We camped in Glacier National Park for a few days. It was "breathtaking".

We helped throw a surprise birthday party for Dan's mom on the "Party Barge"! What a fun evening filled with lots of rowdy dancing to bad dance tunes.

Amy Notturno came to visit me and we made the most awesome raspberry lemon cake ever. We even filmed a cooking show. Fun times.

Matt took us on a professional winery tour. Complete with lawn chairs on trailers. It was a glorious autumn day!

The kick-off HOUSE harvest party was at Matt Deitrich's farm. We carved pumpkins, had chili and cider and launched several sky lanterns! It was a magical night.

My brother Graham came for a visit from Seattle and we all went apple picking at Jollay Orchards.

Calvin got to pick out a punkin at the punkin patch!

I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey for our giving project with HOUSE.

We traveled down to KY to visit my Granny and Papa and see the family for Thanksgiving. Here are Ben Alexander and Calvin.

Calvin got his first potty for Christmas. And thus the commencement of potty training begins.

Had a lot of fun with Nana on Christmas...

AND, got his first guitar from Gma and "Pop-pop".

I'd say it was a long and fun filled year!!! I can't help but be overwhelmed each time I have done these year in review posts. It is incredible to take some time and really reflect on life as it goes whizzing by...We are undoubtedly blessed with wonderful family, friends and opportunities. May we never forget that. Glory to God! Here's to an even crazier new year! Potty training and baby Deitrich #2 coming!!!!