Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Birthday Present Ever!

So today is my birthday. It honestly seems like just another day to wash dishes and make lunch for Calvin and I. I suppose that happens when you've past all the milestones of your childhood and adolescence. I am now 27! I've tipped the scale in favor of 30. It has happened so fast.

But on this particular day I am smiling. Not only because it is my birthday and I get special treatment, but also because God had blessed me with a wonderful birthday gift. A new little baby growing inside me! It's like a special present between God and I. I know that while I am going about my day, there is a miracle taking place within me. I am only 5 or 6 weeks along so it is still pretty early. But Lord willing, come June, Calvin will have a little brother or sister.

So THAT is the best birthday present yet.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

OCTOBER {Fun at Home}

We have been busy, busy playing and rough-housing with Dad!

We got these costumes and more at a garage sale for like a dollar! Endless fun!

I love this one!He actually keeps the hat on for a significant amount of time too!

I have been trying to capture this face for awhile now....It's his "mama, please." face.

Snuggling with Daddy one morning, and holding his "meow".

My little boy growing up!

Just having some fun in his new basement playroom. He can make as many messes as he wants down here! It's great!!!!

As we speak he is climbing up on shelves and tables and jumping off of them. He thinks it's funny. Mommy is oh so tired these days :)