Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missing Tenderness

I think a big part of what I've been missing with Calvin is tenderness. Since he's been approaching toddlerhood, moments of tenderness and even cuddling have become few and far between. Tonight was different. I think God was reminding me just how important my mommy role is and the unique bond that I have with my son. I found myself gazing at him lovingly instead of out of frustration with his "temper tantrums". He held on to me just a little longer before I laid him down to bed and gave me a "kiss" upon request. He has started patting my back as I pat his. I look forward to this night time ritual. To feel like all the battles of the wills and chasing him around frantically has in some way been worth it. And I know it is. But it's those moments, when he says "ma-ma" and then lays his head on my shoulder that melt my heart.

Lord, help me to cultivate tenderness in some way this week. Help me to find the energy to teach Calvin new things and to play with him instead of working on my own agenda. Help me to savor these tender moments.


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