Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18 Months {my little climber}

We've hit another milestone! Calvin is now 18 months old! One and a half year's old! He is really starting to develop his little personality now. He is smart and strong, both physically and willed. He is climbing and sliding down the "big boy" slide at the park. He can eat from plates and bowls and is using forks and spoons quite well.

He can eat most things now, thanks to his mouth full of teeth, including his molars. He loves crunchy things like crackers, cereal and granola on his yogurt. He is eating more "normal toddler food", like peanut butter and honey sandwiches with thin slices of apples or mandarin oranges for lunch. He usually eats whatever I make for us for dinner too. He has a BIG appetite and eats most everything.

He runs everywhere and climbs EVERYTHING! He especially loves to climb up into mommy's computer chair and use the mouse and keyboard just like mommy. I even found some really simple and cute computer games that he likes, where you can press any key and the graphics change and make noises, like a firetruck or little animals moving. He likes it.

He loves to "read" and sometimes will just sit for several minutes and look at books by himself turning the pages and studying the pictures. It's super cute. He also likes for me and Daddy to read to him. His favorite books now are "Barnyard Dance" by Sandra Boynton. The words have a nice rhythm to them and so I usually slap his little hand on his leg along with the rhythm of the words. He loves it.

He is starting to play more, including pretend play. He will act like a dog and crawl around panting. He looks back at me and wants me to chase him, so we both end up pretending to be dogs, crawling around on the floor. Hah! Fun!

He also LOVES our dog Cooper and any other animal, especially cats. He points at any animal and either pants like a dog or meows like a cat. I think he is going to be an animal lover.

He is a healthy boy for the most part. I did find out recently that he does have a bit of a pidgeon toe on one foot, which explains the clumsiness. The doc says that it usually self corrects in time and they will keep an eye on it, but he should be just fine. Other than that, he is a big healthy boy!

I love being home with him, although most of the time I am exhausted :)........It is fun to watch him grow so quickly and become his own little person. I love the little guy with all my heart. Next big one is 2 years!

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