Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To cut or not to cut: THE MULLET.

Yes, it's true. Calvin has been sporting one of the finest baby mullets I've seen to date. I've been hanging on so long... I don't want to cut his unadulterated baby hair. No, not his sweet, precious, never been touched baby hair! On some, more humid days the ends will actually curl up. I've been waiting for the little ringlets to appear. I thought if it just grows a little bit longer....then it will curl up into the sweetest little curls you ever saw. Now I don't know if that will become a reality.

If you ask me I think he's just ahead of his time. The Euro-mullet is in right?

We'll see.....might have to "bite the bullet and cut the mullet" as they say.


Jaracz Family said...

We're having the same debate with Caleb's baby mullet! It's long on the top and bottom and short on the back and sides where he used to have a bald spot. I find it oddly endearing. Who knew a mullet could be so cute?

Katie D. said...

Oddly Endearing! Haha! That says it all...