Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Screamy Phase"

I've been noticing lately that Cal is trying to communicate more with us, but finds it difficult to do so, since he doesn't really talk yet, minor detail. As a result of this we have entered the "screamy" phase. When we tell him not to go into a certain room or take a certain object away he will scream. I guess that really is the best communication method he could use-come to think of it. I wish I could just scream when things weren't going my way and people were making me mad. Maybe we should all start using this method. It would definitely get the point across and even spare a few hurtful words that would have otherwise come spewing out.

Nonetheless, we must find another way. Even if just for my poor eardrums. It's funny, no one wants to think they're child is bratty. I can remember being like "my child will never scream". But then it happens and you start to realize that it's just a natural part of a child's development. If they weren't so frustrated when trying to communicate then maybe they would never have the drive to learn how to use words. And so, screaming is a part of our lives now. I wonder for how much longer though...?

I've noticed that he associates all the words he knows with some kind of physical sign. We've taught him "all done" and he twists his little hands; "more" and he touches his fingers together;

"piggy" and he wrinkles his nose and snorts, "Ba-ba" aka bottle and he smacks his lips together. So now I guess we should teach him more. I know that he is capable now. I'm excited to see what other signs/words he can learn now.

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