Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beloved Disney

Our trip to Disneyland this spring really brought me back to my childhood. We went into this really cool exhibit that was all about the animation process. When you walked into the room, there were 17 huge cinema size screens all around the room. On each screen was a different scene from a particular Disney movie all to the tune of a well edited Disney ballad medley.

I'm still not sure why, but I was so moved by this room, it actually brought me to tears. It was something about the way I felt so small in that vast space and watching other young women of all ages mouthing the words of "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid. There were so many people, and I knew none of them and I got the sense that they all had the same fondness and the same familiarity with those images and songs. All the emotions and memories of being a little girl came back, kind of like revisiting your childhood home in a way. It was the soundtrack of my childhood.

I remembered swimming in my cousin Laura's pool, swirling our hair into "mermaid" dos and singing and laughing and splashing. Oh, such fond memories. I recently inherited all the classics on VHS and last weekend I went and bought a VCR at a rummage sale for a buck. I can't tell you how much fun I've had reminiscing with all my old friends these last few days. I hope some day Calvin will enjoy them, at least a little, because I secretly enjoy watching them too :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We made it home from sunny San Diego. It was such a fun trip. We went to the beach and La Jolla, which was so beautiful. We went to Disneyland and to the Zoo. It was a much needed break. On the last day, I got very sick and we missed our flight home. We had to reschedule it for three days later. I felt much better after 24 hrs. so we actually got to enjoy another couple days. I have been to San Diego before, and I don't remember it being that beautiful. I loved all the mountains and the flowers everywhere. The trees reminded me of the trees in Rome. It was a pleasant memory brought back. This trip really got me excited for travel again. I love to travel. In a way it was like a trial run to see if flying with Calvin is really as hard as I thought it was going to be. Which it wasn't by the way. We lucked out and had an empty seat between us both times, so that was super convenient. On the way there he cried for the first 15-20 min. and then he passed out and slept the rest of the way. On the way home he slept for a few minutes and then we strapped him in the seat and he just sat there for 4 hrs. playing and eating cheerios. He only got fussy a couple times.

I think an overseas flight might be a little different though :)