Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Cheers for Spring!

Hello Everyone.

Calvin is getting so smart, it kind of freaks me out. He knows specific pages in his books where we will laugh or make sniffing noises (cause that's what the book says) and he will turn to that page all by himself and either laugh or make sniffing noises.We watch him by the door while he's playing alone. So cute!

I love him more and more everyday it seems. I love seeing this more grown up side of him. It's so fun. He picks up on things so quickly and can copy a lot of sounds now. I'm getting excited for the summer, I can hardly stand it. I'm excited to be home everyday with him. And to go on adventures....to the beach, to the playground and who knows where else. I think I should like to plan out a summer itinerary. I really want to see what all is around us in Southwest MI and explore the area. I'm also excited because Rachel will be here this summer with her son AJ who is the same age as Calvin. They can play together and we can chat...It will be swell. :)

Three cheers for spring coming! Hip-hip-hooray!


Ryan said...

Whenever you decide to come down to the beach, feel free to swing by the Beach House with the Calvinator and say, "Hi!" We'd love to see more of that little guy.

Katie D. said...

Awesome! We will! He'd love to see more of you guys, I'm sure :)