Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Excitement is a Brewing!

Exciting things have been brewing at the Deitrich House as of late. Calvin is starting to take more steps! Dan said that last night while I was at small group, he took 4 steps! It's so funny, he seems to do it so non-chalantly, as though he really doesn't realize he's walking. And if we show the least bit of excitement, it sort of startles him back to reality and the fact that he's walking not holding anything! And down he goes back onto his knees and scurries away using his old,trusty crawl.

Another exciting thing, is that we bought our first real piece of furniture!They delivered to our door last night- the most beautiful, cushy looking couch I've ever laid eyes upon. It is wonderful. At first, when the delivery men threw the decorative pillows on and walked out, it was like a stranger in the house. It took some warming up to. Cal got to sit on it first. He loved it. He laid his head down on it and started sucking his thumb. So cute! Dan and I enjoyed some R&R after he went to bed. It was the perfect night-watching WWII documentaries on Public Television-all while stretching out each in our own directions comfortably. Dan on the chaise end and me on the other.(Yes, we are nerds for enjoying public television)

Another exciting thing, is that we are heading to Oceanside, California in less than a week! Woo-hoo! All three of us will be flying out to visit Dan's cousins Holly and Dusty who have a little boy Brody who is the same age as Cal. It will be our first family vacation. They live very close to the ocean and also San Diego Zoo and Disneyland (which we have three free tickets for-thanks to them). It should be a nice little vacation. It will be perfect because they already have all the toys, highchairs, and strollers we would ever need. And they get the whole "baby needs a nap" thing. Ha! Anyway, I'm looking forward to it!

Oh AND another thing, my good friend Cindi just had her baby yesterday!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Marissa Kaylynn. Everyone is healthy and doing well. I still haven't had a chance to hold the baby yet, but I plan on changing that very soon (lunch break hospital visit?)......And guess what? Cal and Marissa will be exactly one year and one week apart! How exciting! They can be playmates! I think a proper marriage arrangement is in order. :)

Exciting things, friends, exciting things...I hope that spring has brought a freshness and new life in some form to your own life. God is good, even when we struggle-he always brings us up to the top of the mountain for awhile. Let's enjoy the view!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Cheers for Spring!

Hello Everyone.

Calvin is getting so smart, it kind of freaks me out. He knows specific pages in his books where we will laugh or make sniffing noises (cause that's what the book says) and he will turn to that page all by himself and either laugh or make sniffing noises.We watch him by the door while he's playing alone. So cute!

I love him more and more everyday it seems. I love seeing this more grown up side of him. It's so fun. He picks up on things so quickly and can copy a lot of sounds now. I'm getting excited for the summer, I can hardly stand it. I'm excited to be home everyday with him. And to go on adventures....to the beach, to the playground and who knows where else. I think I should like to plan out a summer itinerary. I really want to see what all is around us in Southwest MI and explore the area. I'm also excited because Rachel will be here this summer with her son AJ who is the same age as Calvin. They can play together and we can chat...It will be swell. :)

Three cheers for spring coming! Hip-hip-hooray!