Sunday, January 31, 2010

More kids?

Hello Everyone Out There,

I trust that you are well and good?

These past few days have been hard. Calvin has RSV, which is a pretty serious respiratory virus. Blessed as we were, we caught it in time before he had to be hospitalized or anything. He has been taking an antibiotic, a steroid and two different nebulizer meds (breathing treatments) that have to be given to him every 6 hours, which of course he loves. This is the first time he has really been more seriously ill and let me tell you-it's kind of scary. It really makes me more aware of the depth of my love for my little son. I feel his pain actually physically, in the pit of my stomach when he coughs and coughs and gasps for air. We had to go get a chest x-ray done for him and I was an emotional wreck. Looking back on it, it wasn't so bad and I know it will make me stronger for the next time that happens, but geesh, it's hard being a mom! I really do respect mothers more than ever. We are a strong breed- are we not? :) Today I can tell he is feeling a little better. It also helps having the nebulizer because I know that is what they would do if we took him to the hospital, so it's nice having it on hand and it helps him breathe so much better. I daresay we are coming out of this fog-Thank you LORD!

This seems like one of the worst transitions to bring up this topic, but we have been thinking about more children lately (I know kind of hard to believe) -but we are! Just thinking ahead really, trying to foresee what would be the best timing with my job and with the age difference they might have. I've heard a lot of different advice lately..."You just know when you're ready"...."Two years apart was good they played together all the time"...." Two years apart was too close"........"Four years was nice because you only had one in diapers"....."It's nice when they're close together you can do all the diapers and then be done with them".......I've heard it all. It seems there is no definitive answer- Surprise! Just wondering what you think out there in cyberspace (all two of you who read this on occasion;) ?

Some of our factors are:

I have the summers off, so when Calvin was born in late March, I had the rest of the school year off and then the whole summer which was nice.

Our "childcare" aka "grandmas" might be overwhelmed with two young children? And I'd like to work for at least 4 more years if possible.

Dan was two years apart with his brother Nick and they seem like they really enjoyed it and played together well.

I was three years apart with Graham and we were pretty close-although I was definitely the older sister.

How many kids do we want to have total? Because I don't want to be too much older than 30 and still having kids.

And then there is the factor of what God blesses us with. Maybe Calvin is our only child, if that is so I will be happy, but we'd really like a few more. We've also talked about the possibility of adopting in the future as well.

Dan is a great Dad. Really, He is like the Dad's you see on sitcoms like "7th Heaven" and "Full House". He is so good with Calvin. So patient, so steady and so loving-no matter how hard it is. He is the classic father. I am SO blessed to have him by my side in this journey into family-hood.

Ultimately I am SOOOO blessed in a number of ways, I am excited for our future! But if we do have a choice in the matter...what do you think?

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