Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another crazy idea.

I am confused by myself lately. Why can I be so into an idea or a plan and then on a whim completely change my mind and direction? I guess I am a woman, that's probably part of it :) I think I need more outlets for my creativity, because I exhaust myself thinking up crazy ideas and mapping out every detail of them. I spent hours last night researching daycare licensing. I mean hours of intense internet research and scheming. Dreaming up ways to convert our entire basement into a fabulous child care facility. I get really into "creating spaces". That is my favorite thing to do. I have been feeling lately like I'm being somewhat held back at work. I love my job...but- I should have my teaching certificate and be making more money because I can surely do the job and am doing it now, sans teacher salary. Why am I so obsessed with money too? I could potentially make more money pretty easily I think if I were to take in 4 or 5 kids at my home. No going back to school to get certificates, no more student loan debt, and then the trouble of finding those elusive job openings for elem. ed. teachers in this hard pressed economy. But I do enjoy the teacher schedule.

So here's a brief synopsis of my new idea: Finish our basement (including the garage) into two nice big play rooms and a half bath. True this would cost a bit, but Dan could do a lot of the work himself. And we'd like to finish it anyway for our own kids to play, and potentially sleep, in later. Plus the way the space is set up, it has it's own entrance and is on the ground floor and is separated from the rest of the house so we could have our own space to live in. It also has several windows so it doesn't feel so much like an old basement (which is really what it is, truth be told) Only problem is we don't really have a backyard to play in, but we do have three or four parks within a mile of our house.

Take in a couple kids to start. And see how it goes. Oh and only watch Teachers' kids. So, hopefully I can keep the same schedule.

I also have been feeling a call to somehow minister to under-privileged kids. Which I already kind of do at school. But I think it might be cool to offer some really cheap childcare to a couple of kids as a sort of ministry, after I've been doing it for awhile. I am also curious about being a foster parent and this seems like a sort of in between step to get there and still make a living. Plus, I can spend more time with my own kids at home too.

Here I go again. Business idea number 13 in the books. I guess I'll sleep on this one for awhile.

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