Sunday, January 3, 2010

~2009~ The year of babies!

All I have to say is wow, when I look back on 2009. This was without a doubt our biggest year yet. I am somewhat sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful and challenging year, but excited for what this new year means too.

We started off 2009 in true Michigan fashion sporting one of the biggest snowfalls I could remember in a while. I remember sitting in our cozy little house on Van Brunt watching the fat flakes fall in the street light. It was a beautiful snow. My belly was getting bigger at this point, it was nice to have that extra warmth of a baby belly. I was 6 months pregnant.

Besides being pregnant, we also bought our very first house!!!!! We got a great deal on this little fixer-upper gem and we spent the better part of February and early March painting, painting, painting, sanding floors, laying tile, rewiring the electric, getting new appliances put in, cleaning cupboards and on and on. We had so much help thanks to our amazing family and friends!

It's a good thing we worked so hard getting our new house ready for our little bun in the oven, because Calvin came almost a month early! We had our entire house packed and ready for the moving crew in the morning when my water broke at 4 am! What an exciting and memorable day(s) that was! March 22nd, we welcomed our sweet baby boy Calvin James into our lives and into our new home. Words really can't describe the feeling of holding your son for the first time ever.

Spring finally came and with the new sunshine and fresh grass marked the beginning of a new era for our little family. We found ourselves wrapped up in the amazing growth of our child. Watching his first smiles, lifting up his head, sleeping through the night (thank you Lord), rolling over, sitting up, laughing, saying "da-da", and "ma-ma", giggles and squeals of delight, crawling, and now pulling up and dancing and eating big boy food.

Calvin made his first trip away from home down to Anderson IN to visit Uncle Nick and Aunt Mary and watch them graduate! We also got a chance to see Melody and Rachel my good friends and roomates from college. Rachel had her son 2 weeks after I did, and Melody has since had identical twin girls!
Krissy, Dan's sister also graduated from Highschool.
We began to really make our house a home and felt more and more comfortable there!
Dan's Aunt Peggy passed away in June from brain cancer. It was a terribly difficult time for all of us, but we were all so incredibly touched by her courage and her steadfast faith in God throughout her life, especially towards the end. Her memory is with us always and there's not a doubt in my mind that she is with her savior and Lord smiling in heaven.
We visited Dan's family cabin up north a few times this summer. Making it the fifth generation of first born sons and their first born sons to experience Jehnsen Lake. Dan did most of the fishing while I stayed back with Cal. Dan turned 26 while we were up there!
Us enjoying the beautiful St. Joe summer ........
My grandma had her 80th birthday party this summer. A lot of our my mom's side of the family was able to make it to the party, but we were still missing a few :)
Dan's cousin Holly came for a visit from California and Calvin and Brody got to meet each other!
Uncle Graham finally came to visit. He is living in Nashville with my Dad and decided that he would join the Coast Guard in the coming year.
In August we took a trip down to Nashville to visit my Dad, Stepmom, and little sisters. My granny and papa came to meet Calvin too.

Our "HOUSE" group of young adults had a great summer. The softball team won the championship in the church league. We also had a lot of great beach side bible studies and discussions.
With the end of summer, came a beautiful autumn, my 26th birthday and Calvin as a monkey for Halloween. We also had a visit from Melody, Allan and their twin baby girls. So many babies!

One of my bestest friends from college got married. Yay Shanna! It was a perfect fall wedding, nestled in the woods. It was so good to get together with all the cottage girls and our respective babies.
Calvin started eating baby food and is feeding himself finger foods now.
We had our annual friend's Christmas party with Tori, Matt, Jen, and Rachel. Here we are playing pin your "elf self" on Santa's lap. Fun times.
And of course, Baby's first Christmas. He loved ripping the paper and has so many new toys to play with.
I'd say one heck of a year! I'm so blessed even by writing this little review at how amazing my life is and how many wonderful people I call family and friends. Thanks for all your hard work (moms aka "gramma" and "nana") and for all that you do to make our lives beautiful. God is good.

Here's to an even better 2010!


Steven said...

great recap of the year. Really liked the pictures if smiley Calvin. Best, Uncle Steve

Kate McGate said...

Thanks Uncle Steve!

Dot Spot said...

WOW! What a year! Calvin is so big and such a cutie! I love the picture with him and Cooper under the tree. You have to be so proud of your gorgeous boy! We miss you and hope to visit sometime soon!