Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Realization...a prophecy?

I have been going back and reading some of my old posts about my pregnancy. There is a post called "Strange Dream" about a dream I had that was...well, strange. I only have these dreams every so often, maybe twice a year or so for my whole life. But they are extremely vivid, realistic and spiritual. I sometimes feel that God is trying to tell me something. Yes, this sounds kind of weird I realize as I write this, but it is what it is. In that dream I had I remember dreaming that the doctor gave me the option to let Cal "come out" earlier than usual and I remember he wasn't born traditionally either they just sort of pulled him out of my stomach. Now as I read the post it kind of comes together for me. Maybe God was trying to tell me how it would all go. That is indeed what happened in the end. He came early and he came by an unexpected c-section. Huh. I don't know if that's significant other than me putting two and two together. Maybe God really does speak to me through these dreams? When I was in utero my mother was singing at a big Christian Convention of some sort and she told me later that the preacher prayed over her tummy and told everyone that her baby would become a prophet from some divine word he got. I've thought about that story from time to time and wonder if it may be true. I hope that I am not just projecting this onto my life. We all have spiritual gifts, I believe that. Who knows...I do think I don't give the spiritual world enough credit sometimes. Maybe I should pay more attention.

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