Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom-ma, Bye-Bye and Crawling

Major Milestones! Calvin has started crawling! About a week ago he got really motivated to crawl to the laundry basket in his room. He's in love with it. Dan's mom taught him the neat trick of sitting him in there and dragging him around in it and since then he can't take his eyes (or his hands) off it! He has been scooting around mostly backwards for a few weeks and the laundry basket finally did the trick. He just wanted it bad enough. I actually captured the moment on video on my phone and I'll post it as soon as I can. It's pretty cute. He is saying momma now too. It melts my heart. He has been really snuggly too, which I also love.

Sunday after church we went over to Dan's grandparents house for lunch and as we were leaving he actually waved back to his grandma. We experimented with other people waving bye and he did it like four times in a row. We'll count it! It was super cute, he held his hand up high for a few seconds and kind of flipped his hand around a little. It's amazing to me that you really don't have to teach them these things. I guess I always thought you really have to work hard to teach babies and kids to learn new things, but I think they mostly just absorb from what is happening around them and probably because their brain is growing so fast. It is fascinating. Maybe I am just used to teaching the kids that I teach at school too :) Cal is a pretty smart little guy.

His second bottom tooth poked through finally too. Phew- he has been so squirmy and restless and grumpy. Comes with the territory I suppose. That's all for now. I'm sure there will be more to report soon.

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