Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Big is Calvin?......This Big!

Calvin is now raising both his hands in the air and thinks it's so funny, so we started saying "How big is Calvin...This big!!!" and he throws his hands in the air, it's super cute. Just had to share.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I can hardly keep up! 8 MONTHS

Wow. I feel like I can hardly keep up with writing these posts to document Calvin's new milestones! A few days ago, I went into his room to pick him up in the morning and he was standing up holding onto the rail with the biggest grin on his face! That is the first time he has ever done that! He was so happy about it. He kept doing his little throat laugh that sounds really funny, like a laugh that won't come all the way out. He is making leaps and bounds this month. It's really fun to watch him accomplish new things.

Now he is crawling pretty well and fast too. Everytime we sit him down in his room to play he makes a b-line straight for his door. He likes the shininess of the wood floors I think and a whole new area to explore! Hurry Dan get the half wall around our staircase built! He has been developing more "Behaviors" too. Like when he doesn't like something or he wants a toy he will make this high pitched shrieking to let us know he's not happy. I heard my friend Dottie compare this sound that her daughter makes to the wring-raiths in the Lord of The Rings (if you're familiar, which I hope you are) I had to laugh because that is exactly what it sounds like!
It's funny because he can turn it on and off now, he is totally learning how to manipulate.

Dan has been sick with the swine flu the past week. Poor guy, he was wiped out and sleeping for like three days straight. He's feeling much better now. Thanks to Tamiflu. But he's still pretty weak and has a nasty sounding cough.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Looking back on my last post I wanted to clarify some things. First, that it sounds really kind of weird written down and said out loud. I guess that is the case with most things spiritual. I have dreams and that is pretty much it, other than having discernment on things as well. I think we had an interesting discussion on "prophets" in our bible study awhile back and we learned that prophets not only can see things that may be coming in the future, but mostly they can see the big picture of the present clearly . I do not wish to claim that I am a prophet. That does sound strange. I'm just exploring my spiritual gifts and trying to figure out if God speaks, and if so, how? I think that is a question that has intrigued humanity forever. So who knows? I wonder what others think of it....?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Realization...a prophecy?

I have been going back and reading some of my old posts about my pregnancy. There is a post called "Strange Dream" about a dream I had that was...well, strange. I only have these dreams every so often, maybe twice a year or so for my whole life. But they are extremely vivid, realistic and spiritual. I sometimes feel that God is trying to tell me something. Yes, this sounds kind of weird I realize as I write this, but it is what it is. In that dream I had I remember dreaming that the doctor gave me the option to let Cal "come out" earlier than usual and I remember he wasn't born traditionally either they just sort of pulled him out of my stomach. Now as I read the post it kind of comes together for me. Maybe God was trying to tell me how it would all go. That is indeed what happened in the end. He came early and he came by an unexpected c-section. Huh. I don't know if that's significant other than me putting two and two together. Maybe God really does speak to me through these dreams? When I was in utero my mother was singing at a big Christian Convention of some sort and she told me later that the preacher prayed over her tummy and told everyone that her baby would become a prophet from some divine word he got. I've thought about that story from time to time and wonder if it may be true. I hope that I am not just projecting this onto my life. We all have spiritual gifts, I believe that. Who knows...I do think I don't give the spiritual world enough credit sometimes. Maybe I should pay more attention.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom-ma, Bye-Bye and Crawling

Major Milestones! Calvin has started crawling! About a week ago he got really motivated to crawl to the laundry basket in his room. He's in love with it. Dan's mom taught him the neat trick of sitting him in there and dragging him around in it and since then he can't take his eyes (or his hands) off it! He has been scooting around mostly backwards for a few weeks and the laundry basket finally did the trick. He just wanted it bad enough. I actually captured the moment on video on my phone and I'll post it as soon as I can. It's pretty cute. He is saying momma now too. It melts my heart. He has been really snuggly too, which I also love.

Sunday after church we went over to Dan's grandparents house for lunch and as we were leaving he actually waved back to his grandma. We experimented with other people waving bye and he did it like four times in a row. We'll count it! It was super cute, he held his hand up high for a few seconds and kind of flipped his hand around a little. It's amazing to me that you really don't have to teach them these things. I guess I always thought you really have to work hard to teach babies and kids to learn new things, but I think they mostly just absorb from what is happening around them and probably because their brain is growing so fast. It is fascinating. Maybe I am just used to teaching the kids that I teach at school too :) Cal is a pretty smart little guy.

His second bottom tooth poked through finally too. Phew- he has been so squirmy and restless and grumpy. Comes with the territory I suppose. That's all for now. I'm sure there will be more to report soon.

My Review of Graco MetroLite Stroller - Mondo

Originally submitted at Toys R Us

This lightweight stroller with full-on features is made for life on the move. The strong aluminum frame has height adjustable handles and folds with one hand so it wont slow you down. A large, always accessible basket and a parent storage tray with cup holders keep you on top of your game. The mult...

This stroller is EXTREMELY convenient!!!

By Momy KT from MI on 11/9/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Stylish, Smooth Ride, Easy to Set Up, Easy To Maneuver, Easily Stowed, Lightweight

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

This stroller (an older version) was given to me as a hand-me-down and I absolutely love it. It was one of our essentials when we had our son 8 months ago. My favorite thing about it is that the car seat easily snaps right in. This is invaluable for when they are asleep in the car and you don't want to wake them up. Just snap them right in and you're ready to keep going! Calvin also loved to sleep in it. We used it as a portable bassinet when out and about. Our Graco car seat(you must have Graco for it to fit) had an umbrella cover that folded down and then the stroller also had a cover that folded down so he could be completely covered and sleep through anything we encountered i.e. really windy family picnics, cold outdoor weddings, noisy stores.....you must buy this combo car seat and metrolite stroller, it's perfect.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayer for memory...


Please help me to remember this moment right now. The feel of my sweet baby boy asleep in my arms, the weight of his sweet little head resting against my chest and the rhythm of his breathing as he drifts off to sleep. I need to remember this feeling, as I sense the slipping of time through my grasp, make this etched in my mind for always.